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Alignment - The Key to Executing Your Strategy

In light of the upcoming budget and the end of the federal fiscal year, we thought that it would be appropriate to revisit a popular piece published on the Delta Blog.
 Originally posted three years ago under the title ‘Strategic & Operating Reviews: We Can’t Agree to Disagree’, it continues to receive numerous views every month. The Canadian Federal Public Service is…

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Risk Is Not a Four Letter Word

Along with resolutions, a new year often means change and new initiatives. New opportunities can be an exciting time, but before you jump feet first into a…

Yes, You Should Have a Team Charter

There is a popular mythos that lives in our collective psyche of the solitary genius, toiling away, alone in his garage. After years of lonely, unappreciated…

Why You Should Trust Management Consultants with the Life of Your Organization

Dwight Mihalicz, MBA, CMC, is well known for his ability to guide management teams through the unpredictable business landscape that we all face today. And…

Why Change Initiatives Fail

Editor’s Note: This post is a follow-up to Debra’s recently published, Is Your Organization Ready to Change? and offers some valuable food-for-thought as…

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Change Management is not just another project – it’s built-in to everything we do.

As consultants, we help our clients with a range of management issues – everything from strategy development to performance measurement to employee engagement.

We recognize that every initiative requires change, and every change meets with some employee resistance.

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