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Greg Tricklebank

What Do We Really Know About Employee Engagement?

I no longer follow the academic literature as closely as I once did.  However, as a consultant in the area of organizational behaviour and change management, I couldn’t help but be interested in a recent article in the Human Resource…  continue reading

Habit and Creating Change

I recently had occasion to read “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, which provides an interesting perspective on the management of change.  Habit and Behaviour Most behaviour is a result of habit.  We rely on habit for comfort…  continue reading

The Case for Transitioning from Traditional to Developmental Evaluation

I recently attended the Canadian Evaluation Society’s annual learning event entitled Innovation in Evaluation. As both an evaluation researcher and a change management consultant, I was particularly captivated by notion of ‘Developmental…  continue reading

Transforming the Public Service: Personal Adaptation to Change

I recently attended the conference Transforming the Public Service 2012: Weathering the Perfect Storm, presented by the Conference Board of Canada.   My main take-away was that public service transformation is subsidiary to the global…  continue reading

From Compliance to Performance: The 16th Annual PPX Symposium

The theme of the Sixteenth PPX Annual Symposium – From a Compliance Mindset to a Performance Culture – gets to the heart of the challenge posed by results-based management (RBM) but … is RBM still relevant in Government? That was the…  continue reading

Program Evaluation: 9 Things to Avoid and What to Do if You Can’t

The best and most appropriate thing to do when asked to conduct an evaluation with insufficient time, budget and/or resources is to simply walk away.   However, this is not always possible – especially for in-house evaluation…  continue reading

Building a Performance Culture in the Public Service

The theme of the forthcoming PPX Annual Symposium - From a Compliance Mindset to a Performance Culture – gets to the heart of the challenge posed by results-based management.  One of the keynote questions is “… what level of cultural…  continue reading

Why All Public Service Managers Need to Care About Evaluation

Results-based management in its current iteration has been around for over ten years and has taken firm root in the Public Service modus operandi as evidenced by the new Policy on Evaluation that requires all direct spending to be…  continue reading

Is there a difference between Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement?

In response to my recent blog concerning why Public Service managers should care about Program Evaluation, I was asked about the difference between evaluation and performance measurement.  As these terms are bandied about rather loosely,…  continue reading

Measurement and Evaluation: Integrating the Functions at PPX

from: Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX) - November 28, 2011 This morning I attended another excellent PPX sharing and learning event at which senior performance measurement and evaluation managers from TBS and several line…  continue reading

PSES 2011 - Make your voice heard! (updated)

Update: the 2011 PSES has been extended to October 7th! Public Service employees have only 3 8 days left to complete the 2011 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES). Twenty-eight of the seventy substantive questions address the…  continue reading

A Primer on Evaluation in the Government of Canada

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.     - Milton Friedman Delta Partners is pleased to present our newest eBook Evaluation - A Primer on Evaluation in the…  continue reading

Benchmarking Evaluation in the Canadian Federal Government

  Some time ago, in anticipation of the new Government of Canada (GOC) Policy on Evaluation, we conducted an evaluation benchmarking study of several federal government departments and agencies on behalf of one of our clients.  By…  continue reading

The Essence of Evaluation

The LPGA Commissioner, Michael Whan, just announced the plan to inaugurate a fifth major tournament on the LPGA tour, sparking a discussion on the Morning Drive television program about fairness … Annika Sorenstam, for example, had…  continue reading

What is Program Evaluation and Does it Really Matter?

A great deal is written about the self-identity of ‘evaluation’ as a discipline and/or a profession.  Viewpoints abound concerning the role and expectations of evaluators, ranging in scope from mere collector and presenter of factual data…  continue reading

Innovating Innovation: Our Current Model is Broken

I believe that ‘innovation’ is the source of constant discussion because nobody knows what to do about the massive problems facing the world today.  Whether on the national stage or at the level of the organization, the message is the…  continue reading

Anomie: Lost in a World of Constant Change

Some time ago, in a paper describing the important distinction between organizational climate and culture, I used the term ‘anomie’ as one of the dysfunctional states of culture.  But, what is anomie and why should you care?  I would…  continue reading

Culture vs Climate in the Organization

Jim Taggart recently posted an interesting and useful blog on the Difference between Corporate Culture and Climate - a subject that I have been working on for some time.  As a change management consultant with a social science…  continue reading

Measuring Employee Engagement in the Public Sector

When I started working as a consultant, nearly 20 years ago, employee engagement was a largely foreign concept in the federal Public Service.  That’s why it’s gratifying to see the new Head of the Public Service, in his first Annual…  continue reading