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Heather Hughes

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Without a doubt, managers can create amazing changes by learning, living, and leading the vision of a better workplace—somewhere people can make their best contributions. The ‘L’ theme is an intriguing one that brought a stream of other…  continue reading

You Can Transform Your Organization

I was talking with a business leader recently, and he was lamenting the lack of passion and energy at his organization. He said he wanted to create an engaged and dynamic workplace, and had brought his managers together to talk about it…  continue reading

In Praise of Followers

So much has been written about leaders and leadership that the plethora of books devoted to leaders, leadership growth and development would overflow the shelves of most corporate libraries. Yes, leadership is important.  And while…  continue reading

Boomers at the (exit) gates

We’ve all heard it - the baby boomers who have filled the corporate offices, populated the boardrooms, and presided over meetings for the last 30 years are getting ready to retire. They are checking their retirement packages, examining…  continue reading