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Back to The Future with Management By Objectives

The management-leadership field, as vast as it is with perspectives and theories aplenty, still finds a need to recycle ideas from the past. There are only so many ways to slice and dice theories on how to motivate people; manage–make that…  continue reading

Building a High Trust Workplace: Today’s Strategic Competitive Asset

Think of a time when you worked with a group of great people, where trust prevailed, where your leader had earned a followership and where everyone worked towards the same vision. It doesn’t have to have been paid work; community service…  continue reading

10 Valuable Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

The motivation for this post stems from my own leadership journey over the past 25-plus years, during which time I moved in and out of formal management positions, worked as a project manager, thought leader, and economist. After…  continue reading

Build Your Organization’s Social Capital by Keeping Good Company

Society at large has been hijacked. We’re consumed with the newest gadgets, whether it’s the thinnest most dazzling smart phone or tablet; the automobile that can find its way to a parking space by itself while you scurry in with your…  continue reading

Get Unstuck by Being a Smart Leader Leading Smart Teams

The leadership print space is full of books, with a never-ending supply hitting the bookshelves, not to forget digital readers. So it’s always a pleasure to find a gem in the rough, considering that much of the recent literature is…  continue reading

10 Suggestions for ‘Boomer’ Executives

The clash of values between the different generations in today’s multi-generational workplace creates some significant leadership challenges – but they are not impossible. Managers and executives from the Baby Boom generation face some…  continue reading

Are You Worthy of Being a Leader?

Are you into power? Does holding authority over others give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction?   Before you answer these two questions take a moment to reflect. Be honest with yourself. I’ve been a student of…  continue reading

The 6 Inner Leadership Selves

Being a leader, in whatever capacity, is not a one dimensional affair. There are many ways we can practice leadership: at work, in our community, at home or in unexpected crisis situations. One thing is clear: you definitely don’t have…  continue reading

Are You a Post-Heroic Leader?

You don’t have to be very old to have witnessed major change in the world in just the past few years. Look at what’s happening with the Arab Spring, initiated by one young on December 18, 2010, in Tunisia, subsequently spreading to…  continue reading

Leadership and How to Avoid the “That’s How We Do Things Here” Mindset

One of the best business e-magazines is Strategy & Business (from Booz & Company). I’ve been a subscriber for several years and remain impressed with its eclectic range of topics. I frequently used S&B when I was doing innovation policy…  continue reading

Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field: Leadership or Bullying?

I was born in 1955, the same year as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. As a fellow cohort a few things distinguish me from them: I’m a lot shorter, far less wealthy, not nearly as smart, nowhere near the visionary, and the list goes on. Plus,…  continue reading

Understanding Corporate Myths and Symbols: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

I’ve talked about corporate climate and culture in past posts, Do You Know the Difference Between Corporate Culture and Climate? and The Smell of the Place. Today I want to look at two major obstacles to changing corporate culture:…  continue reading

Are Your Paws Sticky? Leadership Lessons from a Lab

We thought nothing of it. Paint the deck since it was starting to peel. Except something weird happened along the way. Max, our five-year-old American Yellow Lab, loves to lie on the deck, watching as people (and dogs) pass by down…  continue reading

Is Work-Life Balance Beyond Our Reach?

How balanced are you when it comes to juggling work duties, family responsibilities (not just kids but also ageing parents), social life, physical fitness, walking the dog, hobbies, and the list goes on. When I worked in government…  continue reading

Leadership and Innovation: Bridging the Gap

The word ‘leadership’ is used so loosely in everyday speech that it is in danger of becoming a superfluous term. Within organizations – public and private – not only is it used to excess, but this trend is undermining what leadership…  continue reading

Leadership vs Management: Are You Numb from the Debate? (Part 2)

How can you think and hit at the same time?       - Yogi Berra   Part One of this two-part series assumed a more provocative stance on the leadership definition debate, leaving it to you, the reader, to initiate a process of…  continue reading

Leadership vs Management: Are You Numb from the Debate? (Part 1)

If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.    - Yogi Berra I’ve been a student of leadership for some 20 years and am fascinated by viewing it through different lenses: business leadership,…  continue reading

Creating Order and Meaning During Organizational Chaos: Fall and Rise of the Learning Organization

Delta Partners is proud to announce its second ebook: Creating Order and Meaning During Organizational Chaos: The Fall and Rise of the Learning Organization. This book provides a unique view of the many challenges faced by the…  continue reading

Are You Prepared for the Future? How to Deal Effectively with Global Turbulence and Uncertainty

We live in a period of what British management thinker Charles Handy has called Discontinuous Change - that change arrives in erratic, unpredictable bursts. Handy is regarded as one of the top thinkers of all time, ranking beside…  continue reading

Straddling the Intergenerational Divide

Delta Partners is pleased to release its first e-book: Leadership and the Intergenerational Divide: Issues, Trends & Solutions. Today’s post was written by Consulting Associate Jim Taggart, and also the author of the e-book.…  continue reading