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The June/July issue of Food Safety Magazine features a cover article written by Delta Partners' Senior Consultant, Geoff Schaadt.

The title of the article is 'Creating a Culture of Food Safety' and the digital version can be accessed by clicking here.

An excerpt from the article:

Food-safety-magazine-cover---jj-2013The first step to creating lasting change to your corporate culture? Senior managers must accept that they will likely not face a more difficult challenge in their professional career. With this backdrop, the members of the executive team must be completely committed to cultural change. In fact, the success of the desired culture change can be predicted by the personal commitment of the CEO and senior team. This does not guarantee success, but a lack of personal commitment will practically guarantee that the initiative will fail!

These changes will create discomfort at every level of the company, probably more in the executive suite than anywhere else. Some members of this group will accept that a new approach to leadership and management is necessary, and some will not. It is not unusual for change leadership to require changes in leadership, as this is not a group famous for its commitment to teamwork. Nonetheless, it is crucial that executives consistently model the behaviors they hope to engender in the larger organization.

A failure here to “walk the talk” will result in systemic cynicism and apathy, and will encourage those who resist the change to soldier on. Author Donella Meadows, in Thinking in Systems, notes, “Purposes are decided from behavior, not from rhetoric or stated goals.”

The clear message in both words and actions must be, “Resistance is futile.”


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