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OD Diagnostic Questionnaire

Take the time to explore 3 key areas that will help you identify the priority issues affecting your organization – the bullet points are thought provoking elements that will help focus your answers.

Question #1: What are the performance challenges for your work unit?

  • What is the key strategic issue facing your organization?
  • What are the roadblocks affecting your teams ability to meet its objectives?
  • Is your organizations mandate clear and understood by all employees?
  • What are the major concerns of your clients/senior management?

Question #2: What are the major capacity gaps impacting the ability of your organization to achieve results?

  • What are the critical skill/competency shortages?
  • What are the workplace wellness issues that have been identified?
  • What are the most significant HR issues in recruiting and retaining employees?
  • What are the main concerns of your employees?

Question #3: What are the priority actions required to address the gaps?

  • What action has been undertaken over the past year?
  • What lessons have been learned in managing change?
  • What is the most critical success factor?
  • What tools and support are required?