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Performance Management

Performance Management Training Workshops

Pm-training chalkboardIn response to the challenges that arise from implementing the Directive on Performance Management, Delta Partners is offering a series of workshops that will provide managers at every level with the specific knowledge and skills to confidently meet the TBS requirements while creating real employee development.

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Performance Management is the process by which organizations identify, measure, manage, and develop employee performance.

The TBS Directive on Performance Management came into effect on April 1, 2014. The objective in implementing the Directive is as an initiative to promote a shared commitment to sustain “a culture of high performance in the public service”.

But does the directive promote high performance? Can we expect it to deliver on fostering engagement, communication, recognition, innovation, respect, and service excellence needed to contribute to a high performing public service?

Given the tremendous emphasis on policy, implementation, and process, compared with the lack of substantive guidance with respect to personal communications, leadership, and coaching, the TBS approach is not likely to have a significant impact on the behaviours or, especially, the engagement of public sector employees.


Modern performance management processes are expected to:

  • Be on-going and continuous;
  • Provide systematic measurement and analysis;
  • Communicate and clarifies - job responsibilities, priorities, performance expectations;
  • Define performance standards;
  • Evaluate employee performance;
  • Document employee performance;
  • Measure progress;
  • Identify performance problems;
  • Inform decision-making – promotions, succession planning, strategic planning, necessary training, performance pay;
  • Provide feedback - includes communication of the assessment to the individual; and,
  • Target improving employee performance over time.

The Real Value of Performance Management

These listed goals are all of value, but in our opinion an effective Performance Management program should deliver much more:

  • Confirm mutual understanding between supervisor and employee;
  • Emphasize communication – increase effective, two-way communication between managers and employees;
  • Motivate employees through increased engagement;
  • Encourage skill development;
  • Value employee development;
  • Coach for improved performance;
  • Foster teamwork;
  • Recognize quality;
  • Help resolve performance issues;
  • Reward achievements; and,
  • Provide frequent feedback.

An effective performance management program helps create a workplace that enables employees to perform at their best.

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Implementation and Change

Before you ‘press the reset button’ on your performance management program, there are issues that you should consider before implementing a new approach:

  • Reset buttonIs there a sense that a new Performance Management program is necessary?
  • Is Performance Management part of your organizational strategy, or is it another ‘check box’ exercise?
  • Does the culture of your organization validate the idea of helping employees deal with the problems they encounter, or are they pretty much on their own?
  • Does your organization provide people with adequate training for the
  • Is the level of trust in your organization’s leadership adequate?

Do You Have a Plan?          

  • How will you know that your Performance Management program is succeeding?
  • How will you know when performance is a function of ‘fit’ or a lack thereof?
  • How will you encourage a performance oriented culture?
  • What steps will you take to improve your employee engagement?

Delta Partners Can Help

We have been in the business of developing these programs for many years, and we have helped guide our clients from a perspective of ‘appraisal’ to one of ‘growth and engagement’.

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