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Private Sector Services and Solutions

The art and science of Management Consulting is about helping organizations improve – it might be an HR issue, evaluating performance, reviewing strategy, or implementing a change initiative.  However, the fundamentals of effective management and leadership principles do not change.

"Yes, but our situation is different."

We hear this frequently – and it is true.  Every client is different.  Every organization operates in its own unique environment with its own unique demands, and its own unique climate.

But this does not change the fact that a knowledgeable management consultant has the tools and the experience to effectively assess every situation on its own merits, and effectively advise the management team.

The Private Sector

Yet we fully appreciate that life in a private sector firm bears little resemblance to the public sector, and the decisions that the leaders of these firms make every day reflect a completely different reality.

We understand that revenue is the engine that drives the machine.  We also understand that the clock is always running, that the market will not wait for a more convenient time.  

Because our headquarters are in Ottawa, many people believe that Delta Partners is primarly a government consulting firm.  This is simply not the case.  We have associates who have extensive private sector experience – from start-ups to multinational corporations, in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, high tech, health care, and professional services – our people have lived with the pressure of the quarlerly P&L report.

If you struggle with management and leadership issues in your firm, and you aren't sure where to turn for solutions – we can help.  We have the knowledge, the first-hand experience, and the ability to listen to best understand your unique situation.





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