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Program Evaluation

Performance and results-based management are part of the modern management agenda of federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Measuring and reporting on performance demonstrates accountability for public spending and links government activities and services with results for citizens. It also serves as an important source of information for decision-making useful to legislative assemblies, citizen groups, senior managers, central agencies, clients, partners, and program managers and staff.

Government of Canada

Of late, the spotlight on performance and results-based management has intensified.

Reporting structures such as the Management Accountability Framework (MAF) and the Program Activity Architecture (PAA) require that program level activities, outputs and outcomes (with associated performance measures and targets) connect to Departmental and government-wide goals and priorities. These serve as the foundation for integrated planning, including decisions about approving and allocating resources.

The Policy on Evaluation requirement that evaluations are explicitly linked to the Expenditure Management System (EMS) and that all direct program spending is evaluated once every 5 years by 2013 to ensure that there is reliable, evidenced-based information to determine if government programs are achieving their intended results.

In addition, financial pressures and cost cutting measures such as Strategic and Operating Review (SOR) and the Deficit Reduction Action Plan (DRAP), have put increased scrutiny on the use of public funds and often mean that government is expected to do more with less.

In this context, rigorous performance measurement and evaluation becomes an integral tool for public sector managers.

For an overview of program evaluation in the Government of Canada download a copy of our eBook:

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Evaluation Services

Delta Partners has a longstanding record of providing evaluation services to clients within the federal government. Our consultants are familiar with Treasury Board Evaluation Policy requirements, as well as Canadian evaluation standards.

Delta Partners can assist you with:

Evaluation Management Review

Our Evaluation Management Review includes an assessment of the evaluation function’s capacity to address weaknesses with recommendations for process improvement, stakeholder engagement, change management strategy and customized evaluation management tools and checklists.

Specific Evaluation Services

Some clients develop their own logic models, evaluation frameworks and questions but require assistance with the research and analysis. Delta Partners offers a number of specific evaluation services to supplement the efforts of your in-house evaluation team.

Literature Review
Includes the development of search parameters, library and Internet search, prioritization of results (by availability, subject relevance, recentness of publication and authoritativeness of source), detailed review of priority books and articles, and a draft summary report.

Key Informant Telephone Interviews
Includes interview guide, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, and an informal draft summary report aligned with the evaluation framework.

Electronic Survey
Includes sample design, questionnaire development, plan of analysis, electronic survey launch and daily monitoring of response rate, data codebook, descriptive statistics, multivariate analysis, and an informal draft technical report on survey results, including graphs and tables.

Program Document and File Review
Includes a review of program foundation documents, a sample of program files, and an informal draft technical report on findings aligned with key evaluation questions regarding program relevance and performance.

Program Evaluability Assessment
Includes Program Document and File Review, key informant interviews, and a draft technical report including recommended evaluation methodology and indicators.

Formal Report
Includes a publication-ready report and PowerPoint summary presentation based on a previously completed informal draft report.

Performance Measurement

To help you with your performance measurement needs, Delta Partners can provide the following services:


If you would like to discuss your evaluation or performance measurement needs with a Delta Partners associate please click here to contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation.


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