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Building Effective Management and Leadership Practices to Enhance Organizational Innovation

This is a critical time for Canada, when the imperatives for change from global competition have escalated. In addition to newly industrialized countries (e.g., China, India, Brazil), the recent entry of what has been referred to as the “new” new emerging economies (e.g., Indonesia, Qatar, Vietnam, Turkey) is adding to global competition. Managerial leadership in this environment calls for maintaining the alignment between corporate vision and employees if innovation is to be embedded within organizational culture.

This White paper will enhance your understanding of the intertwined issues and trends that underlie what is commonly described as globalization, the effects of which are exerting significant impacts on the success of organizations and their role in society’s well-being.

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About this Whitepaper

Posted by Jim Taggart
Posted on January 27, 2011
Categories: competitiveness, hr & talent management, innovation, leadership, management